Author: Ilir Kaso
Medium: Video
Duration: 8 min 38 sec
Year of production: 2013
In collaboration with:
Dimitra Stavrou / Maria Goudi / Simona Deidda / Ioana Bobe / Voice - Fabio Matioli / Konitsa International Summer School / University of Ioannina / Social Anthropology of Balcan / The border crossing network July 2013.

Poetry by Javier Heraud - the poet who was killed crossing the river.

On 8th July 2013 the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks with the Ministry of Environment signed a document approving a plan of deviating the AOOS-VJOSA river into the lake of Ioannina in order to enrich it's waters by destroying the nature and the life of the area from the river source that is close to Vovousa Epirus (Greece) to the Adriatic sea northwest of Vlorë (Albania).

As soon as I learned about the news, I decided to return back to Albania, not only to publicly announce it, though none was informed about this decision of our neighbor country, but also to observe closely the relationship of human between nature and culture. Together with a group of anthropologists from different countries of the region we interviewed the habitants who live along the river of Aoos-Vjosa. The people in the area live in full harmony with the river, creating songs and ritual passages. They believe that the long travel of the river symbolizes life.

In the making of this project, we had to follow through the natural flow of the river, something that continuously lead us to break through national borders.