Ilir Kaso and Discrete Metamorphoses

Kaso's works deal with several mediums such as drawing, animation, photography, video installation or performance. The combination of these is merely a continuous bridge towards to the essential message, while the technology is an indispensable narrative element.

In the video "My mother", the artist merges two photographs in a fluid and progressive transition from the initial picture to the final one. According to Victoria Mühlig: "Over recent years these animated images made a huge impact in the cinema and on the internet before they were taken up by artists. For this morphing, the artist has decided to retain a level of solemnity and not integrate colours or a soundtrack. The changes perceived in the portrait of the artist's mother occur slowly and discretely. Although the variations result from the passing of time, it remains difficult for the spectator to clearly notice its passage. The morphing can only really be perceived upon a second visit. While time remains the leading author of this work, the figure of the mother plays an equally important role. Time is often a dreaded influence when it acts upon loved ones; here, the mother is its subject. But if the morphing retraces in an accelerated manner the marks time has left in its wake, the mother's face remains cheerful and serene."

The subtle and deeply intimate metamorphosis of "My mother", is followed by the "brutal" and globalist one of sugared figures, brought through the video / installation of "Reality Dreamers". The central installation of the personal exhibition taking place in FAP gallery in Tirana is placed on a four-square-meters metallic table heated by over 9000 watt power. On it, the messengers figures made of melted sugar multiply towards infinity, swelling the ranks of protesters in orderly rows. These figures, as different and as similar, made of this organic ingredient, seem to set the whole work in a different format, sweet, consumable, and mystic. And while standing up straight on their feet, their hands hold a stick of matches which like the Promethean fire, just long to be kindled.

But the work does not remain this formal presentation, because the entire structure starts melting slowly by the heating from below, transforming the whole thing into a giant Melting Pot of matter, where the flame does not find time to be consumed. The existential metamorphosis of figures with a dose of refined irony is eventually collected into a rudimental lollipop built by a shovel and afterwards placed on the wall. In this installation-performance, the shape takes from shape to return into in a new format, seemingly in search of itself. The installation is presented as a giant mechanism that constantly plays with the ongoing performance throughout its entire duration. The warmth of the heating wires and the metamorphosis of the burning sugar which continuously melts, are combined in it.

In the end the work eventually disappears, while sugar as an ingredient of mass consumption, returns to origin, as a parallelism of today's consumers world, where recycling of matter is proposed as succession preposition.

These two works constitute the essence of the artist's research. In either of the worlds, the "small" family world and the big, consumers one of unclear values, the medium and the process are scrutinized. "My mother", part of the collection of the city of Bienn/ Biel, Switzerland and winner of AMC award for the best contemporary artist, and "Reality Dreamers" propose a different dynamic and provocative profile.

Graduated from the Academy of Arts in Tirana in 2005, the young artist Ilir Kaso is presented in this event as a typical by-product of the years '2000 Tirana. He investigates the real and unreal, dream and reality, as a continuous state of artistic reflection as much personal and as universal. The natural and atmospheric elements, far from the contemporary man's attention which is so closely related to material goods, are twisted with time stratifications in order to understand and rerun the present.

Ermir Hoxha, September 2013