Ilir Kaso was born in 1982 in Përmet. He graduated in 2005 from the Academy of Arts in Tirana. He is a multimedia artist, refining his own visual and conceptual vocabulary that emerged through his focus on a triangle in between art, anthropology and activism. For Kaso, the introspective experience of labor becomes both his process and his subject. His creativity is merely a continuous bridge towards the “small” family world and the big consumers one of unclear values.
He lives in Tirana and works as a lecturer at the University of Arts of Tirana.

2001-2005    Academy of Fine Arts, University of Arts, Tirana, Albania

2017    Even the gods die, Fab Galley, Tirana, Albania
2017    What were you doing when the dictator died, Zeta Gallery, Tirana, Albania
2013    I am the river, Miza Gallery, Tirana, Albania
2013    I am the river, Beton 7, Athens, Greece
2012    Oxymoron, Lokal-Int, Biel-Bienn, Switzerland
2012    Reality dreamers, Fab Gallery, Tirana, Albania

2017    Earth, curated by Edison Çeraj, Fab Gallery, Tirana, Albania.
2017    It looks like, curated by Edison Çeraj, Zeta Gallery, Tirana, Albania.
2016    Albania, 1207 Km East, curated by Jean-Roch Bouiller, Museum MuCem Marseille, France.
2016    The Whale That Was a Submarine, curated by Julia Fabényi, Borbála Kálmán, Péter Fitz, Ludwig Museum, Budapest, Hungary.
2015    THIS IS NOT A PALM TREE, curated by Annika Hirsekorn, Neurotitan gallery, Berlin, Germany.
2015    ACAS- Albanian Contemporary Art Salon , Selection Jury by Christine Macel, Alicia Knock, Saâdane Afif, Historic Museum, Tirana, Albania.
2016    Muslim Mulliqi Price, National Gallery, Pristina, Kosovo.
2016    What we belive – Migration solution, curated by Majlinda Kelmendi, Qahili Gallery, Pristina, Kosovo.
2015    Coexistence - For a new Adriatic koinè, curated by Antonio Frugis, Museo Pino Pscali, Polignano a Mare, Puglia, Italy
2015    Coexistence - For a new Adriatic koinè, curated by Martino Scavezzon, Magazzino del sale nr.3, Venezia, Veneto, Italy.
2014    Coexistence - For a new Adriatic koinè, curated by Marinilde Giannandrea and Ksenija Orelj, Muzej Moderne, Rijeka, Croatia.
2014    Coexistence - For a new Adriatic koinè, curated by Maria Paola Spinelli and Boris Abramovic, National Art Gallery, Cetinje, Montenegro.
2014    Coexistence - For a new Adriatic koinè, curated by Roberto Lacarbonara, Pjeter Guralumi, Vladimir Myrtezai (Grosha), Cultural Center Piramida, Tirana, Albania
2014    paMUR, curated by Vladimir Myrtezai (Grosha), National Museum of History, Tirana, Albania.
2013    Udhet, curated by Ermir Hoxhaq, “Fab” Gallery, University of Arts, Tirana, Albania.
2013    Poétique du Temps, curated by Anne Jean-Richard, Martigny, Switzerland.
2012    Concrete Mushroom, Kunstraum Riehen, Basel, Switzerland.
2012    D case, curated by Ardian Isufi, Hekla Center, Tirana Albania
2012    Udha, curated by Suzana Varvarica Kuka, Tirana, Albania.
2011    Guri Madhi Price, curated by Suzana Varvarica Kuka, Korca, Albania.
2011    My Odisea, Hekla center, curated by Ardian Isufi, Tirana, Albania.
2011    Fototage, “Journées photographiques de Bienne”, curated by Hélène Joye-Cagnard and Catherine Kohler, Bile, Switzerland,
2011    Ardhje, organized by Tika, curated by Tina Finnäs, Tirana, Albania.
2010    Council of Ministers of Culture of South East Europe, Cetinje, Montenegro.
2009    White Night, curated by Marijeta Sidovski, Skopje, Macedonia.
2009    Photograph colony, organisated by Tyrksoy and Tica, Samsun Turkey.
2008    The different reality, Curated by Genc Mulliqi, Little gallery, Tirana, Albania.
2007    TELL a STORY, FAP gallery, winner of the AMC prize for the contemporary art, Tirana, Albania.
2006    Kolonia Stari Most, Bijelo-Polje, Montenegro.
2006    Ekspo Art Tirana, curated by Ardian Isufi, Tirana, Albania.
2005    Marubi 2005, curated by Albes Fusha, Tirana, Albania.
2003    Gallery in cooperation, Padua, Italy.
2002    3d International Triennial of Graphics, Istanbul, Turkey.
2001    4th International Biennale, Szczecin, Poland.

2013    International jury member in ANIBAR, International Animation Festival, Peja, Kosovo.
2011    Balkan Snapshots Festival, Kriterion, Amsterdam, Holland.
2011    "Dokufest", Prizren, Kosovo.
2010    1st Edition on “Albanian Film Festival” Skopje, Macedonia.
2010    1st Edition on “AniFest ROZAFA”(International Children’s Animation Film Festival) Shkodra, Albania, Winner of “BEST IMAGE”
2009    7th Edition on “TIFF 2009” (Tirana International Film Festival) Tirana, Albania, Director, scripter, animator of the animation movie “ THE CAMION”. Winner of “PUBLIK AWARD”
2006    7th International Film Festival “Maremetraggio 2006”, Trieste, Italy.
2005    International Film Festival of the Animated Movies, “Animateka 2005” Ljubljana, Slovenia.
2005    3rd Edition on “TIFF 2005” (Tirana International Film Festival) Tirana, Albania.
2005    2nd edition of the International Festival of animated movies “Ballkanima 2005” Beograd, Serbia, (2005-2006). Winner of the “Special Diploma” for experimental in graphic and drawing animation.

2012    BEST ANIMATION FILM, Albania Film Festival
2010    BEST IMAGE, AniFest Rozafa
2007    Best Contemporary Artist, AMC
2005    SPECIAL DIPLOMA, Ballkanima

2016    LAV, Laboratory of Visual Anthropology, Doku Fest, Prizren, Kosovo
2014    “Border Crossings” Conference, A World in Flux: Globalizing Flows, Local and Regional Responses and Anthropological Reflections, May 2014, Belgrade, Serbia.
2013    Member of Advisory Committee in ANIMART - Experiential Art School, Monodendri, Joaninna, Greece.
2013    8th Konitsas Sumer School in Anthropology, Ethnography and Comparative Folklore of the Balkans. University of Ioannina, Greece. Organiser of the project Crossing Borders.
2012    7th Konitsas Sumer School in Anthropology, Ethnography and Comparative Folklore of the Balkans. University of Ioannina, Greece.
2011    Individual Utopias Now and Then, workshop, Memory revived, Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina.
2011    Who is afraid of the big bad crises, workshop, Skopje, Macedonia.
2006    Currently, Lecturer in Fine Arts department, University of Arts, Tirana, Albania.